Desilicious Starlust

Saturday Jan 29th  2011. TOUCH NYC, DJ Ashu Rai, DJ Bobby and VJ Neeraj  (Lotus Visual)


Equipment:  Projectors, Projection screens, Visual Mixers, MIDI Controllers,  DVD Player, Computers.


Bollywood Recycles II from Lotus Visual on Vimeo.

Bollywood Recycles uses pieces from the Bollywood movies to explore how certain themes, story lines, iconography and even famous last names get recycled, remade or re-hashed.

My plan is to strictly use existing material from Bollywood films and mix it to music that is remix of an original Bollywood melody.

This piece uses morphed images from various sources to symbolize how certain themes (Ash-Rekha Umrao Jaan) and dynasties (Nutan-Kajol-Tanuja and Babita-Kareena) have been recycled in Bollywood for years. Set to song Desi Girl from the movie Dostana.

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